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Judge Wesley "Wes" Heidt was appointed as a Volusia County Judge in 2020 after a 30-year career of practicing law. Judge Heidt believes that serving on the bench is one of the highest callings for someone in the legal profession.

It is the duty of judges to follow the statutes and laws as they exist. With that foundation, the best judges should have the ability to find that law efficiently and apply it fairly, making tough, quick decisions while displaying the proper demeanor to all parties.

Those who can best do this are excellent attorneys who also have a variety of life experiences, leadership roles, and community service. Judge Wes Heidt has respected the roles of each branch, fought in the courts to have many statutes applied as written by the Legislature, valued hard work, and led in our Volusia County community. For this and many other reasons, we ask you to Keep Judge Wesley "Wes" Heidt on Election Day


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